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Hi peeps :)

I'm pretty sure all you girls out there are no strangers to waxing.. yes? I've always been a loyal customer to my waxing parlour .. but the thing is .. it's such a long break in between treatments (as the hair has to be at least 6mm long) and I can't wear sleeveless tops ! Woes of being a lady , indeed. There are tons of hair removal options available to us , from D.I.Y. shaving,  epilation to more professionally done waxing and IPL, each requiring a certain level of pain tolerance.

 That being said,  I was recently invited over to eternel to review their DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) Permanent hair removal treatment . Eternel is currently the first clinic in KL to have this technology .

Just a little background on DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) to see what makes it so special :

DPC is also a form of light therapy , which helps reduce up to 90% of hair on the treatment part. Unlike general laser treatments , DPC offers three pulse configurations in one system: Smooth Pulse, Long Pulse and High Pulse , offering customisable configurations according to one's skin, guaranteeing the best results which IPL(Intense pulsed light) technology cannot fully overcome. In a nutshell, DPC hair removal is a clean and relatively painless treatment. 
The benefits?
  • Provides a semi-permanent hair reduction solution
  • Lightens pigmentation such as the pesky dark patches on your underarms
  • Helps to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hair substantially
  • Can be used on almost any area of the body: legs, bikini line, back, underarms, arms, upper lips and etc
  • Safe and painless (fast, too. ) 
Walk-through : 

Procedure :

  1. The therapist will first clean the area before removing (by shaving) any existing hair.
  2. The therapist will then set the "intensity" of the light (aka the pulse of the machine - which is FDA approved) 
  3. The hand piece is then used to apply the treatment . 
I was plesantly surprised during the treatment as no cooling gel was used (as opposed to IPL). The whole treatment took about 15 minutes. The usual aftercare applies, but there's no downtime at all .

Here's a short video of the whole process :

“Flawless within Minutes” TreatmentWe are the first clinic in KL to have this technology, DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control), a unique technology that is able to maximise control of treatment parameters, thus providing a widerange of possibilities to obtain optimal results for all skin type & hairtype.The handpiece used for Permanent Hair Removal Treatment is contact cooling. No messy gel application, just a cooling sensation when in contact. Extremely fast & safe (FDA Approved) Absolutely hair-free within minutes. --> Safe & Fast (FDA Approved) --> No Downtime--> No Messy Gel application --> Painless
Posted by Eternel on Friday, August 7, 2015

My hair did experience a small regrowth about 5 days after the session, mainly because I have really stubborn hair, and it was also the balance before the treatment. Even then, it was much lesser and the hairs that grew back were significantly lesser & much finer than before (it fell off after a few days, which is normal.)

Some goodies for my readers, as usual :

Eternel is having a promotion : 

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Unlimited sessions to DPC hair removal at just RM128nett (inclusive of GST) for underarms/upper lips for 6 months.

*promotion period :  24 Aug 2015 - 20 Sep 2015

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