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Hi peeps !

I've been (trying to) grow out my hair , it's currently almost halfway past my waist, hip-hip hurrah, but it's common knowledge that hair needs some maintenance to make it look all pretty and retain its shine, yes? Well.. with Malaysia's scorching hot sun & long hours in air conditioned rooms, my hair isn't exactly in tip top shape and desperately needed some love.. so I was really pleased to be invited to try Molto Bene's latest hair treatment called "Deep Layer-  5 step system". In short, it helps lock and retain hydration inside and outside of your hair.

The aim of this treatment is to effectively give moisture to highly damaged hair to repair both the inner & outer hair components, with a final water-repellent coat on the surface . Coloring or perming , and in short, chemical treatments can damage our hair pretty badly , and this Deep layer system aims to carefully repair this with salon use products, and paired with home care leads to strong beautiful hair .

A quick crash course on the product, further explained to me by Eddy during my treatment in the salon : 

Two Main Ingredients:
  1. Kerataide® to repair the inner part of damaged hole in the hair by carefully penetrating into it
  2. Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine(instead of silicon) with a water-repellent coat -  which moisturises the surface of the hair. Flourine is one ofthe ingredients in our toothpaste for protection & that glossy shine. MoltoBene uses this ingredient instead of Silicon which gives an artificial/fake feeling on one's hair. Whereas, for flourine, it gives one a natural feeling of hair thats supposed to be smooth & soft to the touch! 
A before photo with my flat hair :/
The treatment didn't involve any machine, and started with a regular hair wash. 

Step 1: apply and massage A high molecule hydrolyzed keratin cream, which serves to penetrate into damage hole in hair , and was left in for 10 minutes. 

Step 2: Hydrolyzed keration made of feather - Kerataide ®,combined with hair peptide was sprayed on to fill the gap between damaged holes to keep result.

Step 3: Repair ingredients are settled into hair by nano-CMC ingredient and Pellicle ®. Formulation with sub acidity helps Kerataide ® molecule gets bigger by combining each other to strengthen inside the hair.

Step 4: Moisturizing Hyaluronic Film (18MEA/Novel Chitosan Derivative/Hyaluronic acid (adsortent type) form moisturizing complex by locking Step 1 ~ 3 repair components & prevent dryness.

Step 5: Contain Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine , Polyfunctional Hybrid Polymer Fluorine with water repellent coat the surface of hair to keep the repair result!

Home Care (H): Home care treatment to sustain the effects longer before next Deep Layer treatment.

During the session, I was also introduced to the various ranges of product Moltobene carries 

Post-treatment I was given a goody bag full of Moltobene products to try at home such as the Loretta Base Care Oil,& Kirakira Shuu, Clay Esthe Shampoo & Esthe Pack, MoeMoe Spa Treatment Shampoo & Spa Treatment Daily Serum M, to name a few . 

My hair certainly felt silky smooth and light , plus it smelled good, too - explained by the stylist, the fragrances in the products contain Magnolia and White floral notes, blending with serene musk. 

The range of products used.

Sadly , it was a rainy day so excuse the slight blurriness .

Salon details as follows : 
IMP Hair Studio 
Contact: 03-40214148

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri | 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
Sat - Sun | 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

For more info about MoltoBene:
Instagram  : @moltobenemalaysia

Some goodies for you guys :

They'll be running a promotion from 1-15th August whereby mentioning my name "Gillian/" will entitle you to enjoy the treatment at just RM50(NP:RM250) . Also,stand a chance to receive gifts after your hair treatment* (T&C apply).

**limited to 30pax per day only , so hurry ! 
Happy girl with her goodies :p

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