The Proposal

by - 9/28/2016 10:16:00 PM

Hello all.

It's been really hard keeping this space updated but It’s partly due to the barrage of academic work I have to deal with, and I don't know who reads my blog anymore nowadays. 😅 but if you do, just know that I'm grateful.

I've decided to stop getting overly personal on my blog since my last relationship, and I seem to have curbed the habit of "instantly" updating occasions/ events that happen in my life, but rather, I prefer to let it "sit" and allow reality to set in.

However, as this is one of life's important moments, and it's been a little more than 2 weeks... so for those that don't know or are unsure, here it is : I'm engaged!!

To be honest, he's talked about marriage and we've had conversations about our future countless times. Naturally, I thought this plan of his wouldn’t happen for several years to come so I kept harping on and on that I wanted to lose weight first haahah . Boy, was I wrong ._.

I suspected something was already 'in the works' when I went back during my first break because well, I'm too smart for my own good (lol).  Like one time, when I was having a conversation, he came over and took off my princess ring and went like "I wanna show mum something", and me, being instantly intrigued, paid close attention to him after he went into the next room and heard something along the lines of "too small". It was so hard to keep a straight face, because I was a little disappointed and inwardly gleeful at the same time, but I acted as though everything was normal (haha). But I was being all like OH OH THERE'S A RING!

The second 'hint' came months later when we were chatting about his Melbourne flight. He literally copy and pasted a message his dad had sent him and the words 'Gillian's ring' caught my eye. I was of course a bit miffed because he ruined his own surprise so I went and scolded him!! He was upset at himself for making such a silly mistake but I consoled him saying that I wouldn't know when and where..I went online and bought a few dresses anyway, just in case!! hahha

Still, the night it all went down was a total surprise.. and at that point I'd already felt like I was hard to surprise and worried for him (ahahah such a good gf).

September 10th started out as a pretty normal day, I woke up super early to pick Michael up from the airport. We had planned this trip for months, so it would be the second time we saw each other since I started studying in Melb (the first was during my study break in my first semester). Needless to say, I was super excited! We'd dropped by my favorite cafe in Chadstone - Mr Pilgrim for his first Melbourne cafe experience before heading home to rest, gearing up for Aly & Fila at Festival Hall that night.

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We went for dinner at The Proud Peacock and had to make a detour back home because Tjun forgot to bring his tickets. =.= It was only later that I found out Mike made the decision to bring the ring along and propose after the show ended at that point. So, thanks for your forgetfulness, Tjun. xD

Aly & Fila (or rather Fadi) played a pretty good set, and I was glad I'd chosen them over John Fleming, although I was really bummed about the clash! Dreadful. I was texting and complaining to Rickho that Mike kept running off to get drinks and going on breaks because he missed the good tracks. Still, he insisted on staying till the very end, and he held me and asked me to record the closing. I had no suspicions as I was snapchatting a large part of the show anyway.

When he first flashed the ring box, I was thinking along the lines of : "Oh nevermind, he's prolly showing something for the video",  and then "Wait hang on, why is it heart shaped" and finally, just as it dawned on me, he started the first lines of his speech, my mind went blank! Sorry love, I just couldn't process what was happening to me.

Everything was a blur, and as the lights came on, I turned around and saw him on one knee, holding the ring box, saying the magic words. I was smiling so much, worrying about how I looked at the same time, while onlookers waited..and then some random dude decided to walk right in front of us while he was still down on one knee zzz RUDE. It was then I decided not to keep him waiting and just nodded and stuck my right hand out at him hahahahha.

We got to meet Fadi and he gave us his blessing in the form of FSOE wristbands, but I'm not gonna post our picture with him because I looked horrible (vain much lol).  Rave proposals were a far-away dream for me, but to think about it, it was perfect for us. We'd first met through our love for Trance years ago, and as fate would have it, our meetup plans during FMFA fell through. He'd actually invited me to Gareth Emery in Dec 2013 but he never replied my texts while I was there so like, whatever =.= *Proof attached!!!

It wasn't until late 2014 that we actually met in real life. (haha)

Anyway, just to address the most popular question I've been asked : So you're getting married?
Well, yes, but not anytime soon. I'm going against the standard social norm of the '1 year' period by not having the ROM yet, and we're not gonna put any plans in motion until I finish my studies.

I'd actually given a lot of thought and consideration to choosing him as my life partner after the many discussions, unintentional blunders and hints he gave, in the moment, there wasn't much to think about. He may not have a million bucks, but he certainly has the richest of hearts. :)

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It may not have been as well documented as I would've liked, but it was something I would remember for life, thanks to those who played a part <3. I'm considering telling him jokingly that I'd like him to do it again just for my f&f but we'll see how that goes hahha

Much love & More soon,

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