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Even as children, I'm sure we've all had our visions about THE perfect wedding, and as I take a step closer into turning that dream into reality, it becomes clearer that it isn't all fun & games. As friends around me tie the knot; and with each wedding inspiration post that I pin, I've begun to realise that there really is a lot of sweat and tears involved along each step of the way.

After binge-watching many episodes of 'say yes to the dress', I thought I'd had the 'formula' to choosing the perfect gown down pat. Boy, was I wrong! I tagged along with some other brides-to-be to their various dress fittings previously and I'd never seen anything that particularly caught my eye. Typical of me, really. And you know what else came as a shock to me? The prices! Not particularly pocket-friendly, given that most of them are just available as rentals.

So when Mel extended an invitation to view some gowns at her new business venture - a Bridal Studio - Ivory White, located along Jalan Kuching, I gladly accepted. With the help of her very specific directions, we managed to find the place easily.

Mel's husband, Jason of MJK Photography also does wedding photography. 

The first thing that struck me when I arrived at the studio was the beautiful open layout with lots of natural light, and of course, all the gowns in their glorious beauty.

I'd brought Michael with me to give him an idea of what it was all about but unfortunately he seemed a bit lost and looked rather out of place, so here's a tip: Bring your best friend, sister or mum (For the courageous ones, consider bringing your future mother-in-law :p) when you're choosing your wedding gown.
Admittedly, this was one of my favorite pieces. 

So.. if you came here looking for a sneak peak of me in my wedding dress, sorry to disappoint! Truth be told, I was definitely interested to try the gowns on.. but due to my ahem.. size, it was hard to find something that suited me. Guess there's a long way to go before I reach my ideal body weight and be truly at peace with myself. It's no issue, however. According to Mel, if you've found a gown with a design that you like, they're able to alter it to your size (like a custom built Mac, imo.. hah! :D ).

Look at that gorgeous detailing!

All the dresses are designed and handcrafted with love by designers from Bergamo, Italy & Taipei, Taiwan which explains why they all look so unique. As you all know, the bridal industry is saturated with big names all of which you've undoubtedly heard of, perhaps multiple times. But I do believe that Ivory White has the potential to provide a fresh point of view to the market.

To cater to untraditional brides, they also have wedding gowns in various other colors (think pastel & rainbow!) for those that want to stand out in a sea of white.. and evening gowns too.
They also have traditional Chinese attire! (Far Left)

So, there you have it. Fellow bride-to-bes, you now have another Bridal studio to visit and hopefully, you will (like me), find something that you like. Good Luck with the search! <3

Ivory White Studio
F-3-8, Pusat Komersial Jalan Kuching,
51300 Kuala Lumpur.

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