A little bit about me

Hello, I'm Gillian, but most people call me "Jill". Welcome to Musings of a Taurean (MOAT for short), also known as gilliannong.com (an extra 'n', because "gillianong" was taken. Still, I’m glad you stopped by!

This is where I pen my innermost thoughts and share little bits and pieces of my personal life. Of course, I do advertorials & reviews too.

Much has changed since I started my (now deleted) photo blog in 2010 - the sole purpose was only to share photos after getting my first DSLR (a Canon 60D, if you must know). I have since downsized to a Sony A7ii and sometimes use a Sony NEX-5T for my vain selfies, which are a rare occurrence now.

A Malaysian currently based in Melbourne pursuing my tertiary education. I'm feeling right at home with the robust coffee culture and beautiful surroundings. If you like pictures of food - hop on over to my Instagram: @Gilly214 for more, and if you'd like to chat, you can always get in touch.

Cheers :)